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Instructor: W.B. Merriman

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LACES, a magnet school, is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. This course is part of our computer electives curriculum and is offered to students in grades 6-8.

As an introductory course, the goal will be to provide students with a broad overview of computers and related technologies, with a focus on increasing their understanding, appreciation and skill with these technologies. This is a one-year course.

More detailed information about the course can be found in course syllabus.

Top Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the top of this page provides links to all sections of this course. Through these links students have access to the course syllabus as well as all assignments and related files. Below, is guide to these links.


The course Syllabus provides a Course Description as well an outline of the Course Objectives. You will also find here a listing of Student Expectations in regards to Academics, Attendance and Behavior. The syllabus includes an explanation of my Grading Policy.


The Setup section of this site will guide students throught the preliminary items needed for the successful completion of the course. Students are expected to setup several different online accounts which will be used throughout the course.

In the Setup section, students will also be asked to do some intitial assignments which will aid me in assessing their overall level of academic proficiency. The purpose of these assignments is primarily diagnostic, but they also provide a nice introduction into a discussion of the modern world of computer technology that our children are growing up in.


The Email section provides access to all email assignments. Understanding and using email is a major focus in the first semester. The links here will provide detailed instructions for the various assignments you will be expected to complete and links to required materials.

Word Processing

The Word Processing section covers the word processing part of the course. Here you will find links to all the word processing assignments to be completed during the Fall semester. Each link to will provide detailed instructions for the various assignments you will be expected to complete and links to required materials.


The Graphics section covers the graphics part of the course. Computer graphics and design are the primary focus of the Spring Semester. Here you will find links to all the graphics assignments to be completed during the Spring. Each link to will provide detailed instructions for the various assignments you will be expected to complete and links to required materials.


The contact page provides a form to send Mr. Merriman a message. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Right Navigation Bar

The navigation bar to the right of this page provides links to required student account pages and a variety of useful links for easy access. On the assignment pages, the right navigation bar is used for access to reguired tutorials for each assignment as well as other resources relevant to particular assignments.


These are accounts that students are required to set up for the course. This includes a Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook and Quizstar account.


Although increasingly irrelevant, an email account can still be useful. I no longer rely on email as I have in the past, but it still provides for easy and quick communication. In addition, Google Gmail provides an array of very useful resources for students that I want to introduce them to.


Dropbox is a great online tool that allows students to easily access thier work at school and home. It will keep thier work done at school and home synchronized automatically. Files are automatically uploaded and downloaded for them. Dropbox also provides me easy access to student work for grading purposes, as well as review and individual consultation.


Facebook is new to this course this year. I have used it with my AP Computer Science class to great effect, and would like to try using it with my Intro class this year. We will have our own private Facebook group for the class, which will allow students to easily ask questions or share ideas. All students will have access to these questions and ideas, and I will be able to share and respond to all at once from home. So, it provides for immediate feedback to students between class sessions.


QuizStar is my online testing site. Almost all tests for this class are administered via the Internet. These tests provide students with immediate scores and feedback on their performance.

Useful Links

These are links to resource and reference pages that students will find useful during the completion of their assignments.


Useful Links

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